Stylynn By Sheron


Hi Sheron, just wanted to let you know that I did get the style book you mailed. I've already worn two of the outfits you put together and received a lot of compliments. Thank you so much! 

Michelle Cross

Thank you Sheron for helping me with my closet!!! It was so fun and educational working with you. I love the outfits and ideas you can up with. I feel like I have a new wardrobe!

​‎Terri Ayers‎ 


I had a wonderful learning experience today! Sheron Benkert Owner of Stylynn Sheron came to my home and color draped me to compliment my eyes and complexion! She was able to coordinate several of my tops with two pairs of pants, and suggested I buy Khaki pants!! I never dreamed that Khaki pants could be so versatile!! I renamed her "The Khaki Queen" 
In September Sheron will be the Sponser Speaker at our Parrish Chapter! Thank you Sheron, Marta On Call definitely endorses Stylynn by Sheron.

‎Marta Williamson‎ 

While planning my upcoming vacation in Europe I was restricted by how much luggage I could take but needed to have a good selection of clothing for both casual and glamorous occasions. Sheron came over and spent the afternoon scouring my closet for outfits to wear. She put together many items that I would never have thought went well together. I got beautiful outfits for my trip as well as for dating and work. Sheron also put together a “Look Book” with pictures of several of the outfit so I could remember how wonderful they looked and how to mix and match items. It was so much fun and money well spent!!

Lori Landis